Thank you

Thank you all for the thoughts, well wishes, prayers, and sympathy. Friends now stretch across the globe and your comments and those off my f&f email list have helped ease the pain of her loss. Elana was a good dog, well loved by the family. She enjoyed her walks, barks, and bones.

bones, what a treat

My bone, what a treat!

The rest of us mortals are just muddling along.

Faery Ring

Making progress again. The right front is finished. The back is finished and the first shoulder bound off. The second front is now with in a few cm of completion.

Faery Ring Cardigan

Faery Ring Cardigan

Other Knitting

I frogged the EZ Baby Surprise, not liking how the striping was turning out. Since I only had straight needles with me (wait, these are not ordinary straight needles – they are wonderful Signature Needle Arts with stiletto points) it seemed time to knit verticle tops with some texture which I can graft closed before reversing directions for the instep, heel and foot.

sock top

sock top


And then there is With the Lightnings – David Drake. It is the first of the LT Leary space opera novels that were on sale at iTunes last week along with Starship: Pirates by Mike Resnick (already heard the first one – Starship: Mutiny). They are great knitting as well as travel listening.

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2 Responses to Thank you

  1. Melinda says:

    Oh gosh, I missed all of this since I have been having trouble getting on to some blogs. I’m so sorry to hear about Elena. You did the right thing though. Quality is much better than quantity. May she rest in peace.

    We got the rain as well, only is solid form. Hail just about killed every crop in the region. It’s going to be a meagre veggie year around here.

  2. Lorette says:

    I’ve been getting caught up on blogs and missed this one. I’m so sorry you lost your pup. Elena looked like a joy-filled happy dog.

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