Test Knitting

I have mentioned test knitting before: testing out a pattern for a designer to make sure that the directions provided actually result in the garment/shawl/hat/object/whatever that was planned.

three of four pieces for the current item in progress. Yarn is a combination of some Brunswick Impressions that I have had longer than we have lived in this house. Might have purchased it when we lived in Munich, but then again I might have to admit to buying back in our first Heidelberg days which would place it between 1993-97. I never admit to adding yarn to stash and letting it season for years. No – never would I do that. Unfortunately, I do know that I knit some of the batch purchased into a sweater for the Eldest which she was in college. Finished the sweater while we were living in Munich if I remember correctly so I can only hope this yarn has not been in the stash for longer than – oh say – 12 years.

Anyway – that accounts for the blue. Then there is the chilipeppers tweed alpaca which I purchased on sale (almost all my yarn is purchased on sale, I love sales) with a project in mind. No clue what so ever as to what that project was, yarn did enter the house via a Webs (yarn.com – you know the people) sale after we moved to Heidelberg so it has be to 10 years old or less. Since this particular pattern doesn’t use up all that much, I figured that taking 100 meters from a 600 meter hank was not a particular big deal. And it does certainly make a contrast to the blue.

pieces 'o vest

pieces 'o vest

I can’t show you anything more than this till I have it put together and the release from the designer.

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