Tenerife, Canary Islands

0530 – treadmill
0630 – breakfast
0700 – ship docks

I have been here before, 2007 I realised as I exited the ship onto the dock. It was on that MSC transatlantic from Genoa to Buenos Aires. Sandi and I took the tram over to the other side of the island (to see what we could see).

This time, I decided to see some of those things which I missed the last time around.  Tenerife is an island with all the practical implications of a small bit of land surround by lots and lots of ocean. The Canaries are an outpost of Spain. The island features small trucks, even smaller cars and fleets of mopeds and motorcycles for transportation. Parking is an art achieved only with long practice especially at those corners where vehicles are layers deep. The populations is obviously Mediterranean with a salt and peppering of UK ex-Pats and North Africans.

Heading to the ocean most edge of Santa Cruz, I stumbled on the Military Museum and spent a couple of hours happily traipsing around looking at the exhibits. This is the museum for the combined military forces of the Canaries – as a sub-force of Spain. Including both the accomplishments of individuals and units, the most current exhibit includes the participation of local forces in the Balkans.

After wandering from here through a fair portion of the city – I finished up at the recently opened exhibit of a portion of the old fortifications of the city which is now located under the plaza near the port. Key in the exhibit is the canon which was used to blast Lord Nelson.

We had an early time back on ship.

(photos will be added when I have adequate time on the Internet).

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