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  1. A huge job. Or it certainly would be here. Good luck! My parents did
    that after living in the same house for 45 years. Yikes.

  2. oh my – I think I’d rather work on my conference presentation and grading than deal with your study…

    good luck with it!

  3. I’m too ashamed to take pics of what our place looks like right now, but then again, before and after pics might be nice to have at some later date. I’ll think about it.

  4. I don’t think it is shame – it is just lack of a really good excuse (grin) …. the boys aren’t even there to help make it worse.

  5. Holy crap, Holly. Actually, I’m delighted to see you are human after all. I’ve got an extra room that’s maybe 1/3 as full and I can’t bear to look at it. Which just let’s it get worse and worse.

    I give bags to charity at least once a month. I give to friends a lot, too. I try not to add anything to the mix and it still gets no better, at least not worse. Except for yarn stash; that gets worse.

  6. This must be your “portrait of Dorian Grey” which offsets the orderliness one must maintain as an Army officer???

  7. Oh right – this is a good reminder of just why I am NOT buying any more yarn and am desperately trying to get rid of some other stuff
    – but all your excuses sound perfectly reasonable to me!

  8. Don’t sweat; I moved into my current house 16 years ago and I still have boxes I have not unpacked!

  9. Forget the formulas. I’m an inch-and-a-half too tall and 40 pounds too heavy to be a clown. My own little office, work space, computer building area looks even worse than your studio. I’d take a picture but the camera is hidden under a bunch of stuff at the moment. Inge says she understands completely, which is why she closes my door (when it’s not blocked) and goes about enjoying the rest of the house! Relax, you’ve got the time to let it all work out.

  10. It will be ok. One box is one box. The next one is another one. it did not get that way in one go.
    “Before” pictures are an excellent idea.

  11. So funny to see the spinning wheel in the background. I’ve spun wool and other fibers for several years! 🙂
    You and I have a lot in common in the long run. Take care.

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