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  1. I think it is sweet and wonderful that you’ve been pampered!!

    You’ve spent so much of your career apart that now you’re home for good – bar the various conferences and cruises! – he is showing that he loves you and is pampering you cos he wants to do so!

    For 6 mos you lived in a war zone!

    I am truly delighted that you are being treated so kindly, caringly and lovingly!

    Enjoy the nxt conf!!

  2. I did and do miss you and have for over 30 years been concerned about my wife, who unlike her husband, will forget about eating, if not reminded.

    Love you and have a great trip to Munich.

  3. I think your mate is just letting you take some well earned “time” for yourself-whatever that may be…a nap…quiet meals…nice, eh? You’re so used to being on the go, I believe you’re waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to drop”.

  4. Don’t be surprised if the transition is more difficult than you expected. Annoying as it is, the job gives us both purpose and structure.

  5. Is “he” your spouse of over 30 yrs? He loves you and knows how to care for you. How sweet it is! Hope your time-whackedness wears off soon.

  6. It’s nice when they do that. Elly has been bringing me coffee in bed in the morning for years. Nice but I also detect a definite interest in having me get up. 🙂

  7. Sounds as if you are being well looked after. You deserve it, after 30
    years hard work in the military.

  8. “Be afraid, be very afraid!” Wednesday Addams, the Adams Family Movie. George is up to sometime.
    You will have to get used to retirement. It’s a tuff job, but someone has to do it.

  9. Sounds normal to me, the emotional relief and psychological release of not following someone else’s schedule. Rest and enjoy things as you go through the process of setting new priorities, schedules and routines!!!!!

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