Sydney, Nova Scotia

This is our last day in port till we see the French coast on the 18th. Docked at the port no more than a couple hundred meters from town we have arrived at Sydney. (Sydney is Cape Breton Island in case you were wondering).

Another classical Canadian port town, it features clean, friendly and an obvious Scotts heritage.

From the rather large fiddle monument on the dock to the groups playing at practically every tavern music forms a major part of the culture.

The architecture is functional; mostly wooden houses, brick office buildings and stores. The Fiddle, Light House inside the visitors center and exhibit provide great photo opportunities. In my spare time, I have started another pair of socks, collected a list of email acquaintances to whom I will be sending pictures, and listening to audio books (Mike Resnick’s “Stalking the….” series).

If the wifi connection here were not so slow, I might just pull the new CSI episodes, but I want to see more of the city.

I don’t expect to be back on line after this afternoon until Le Harve

Cabin 6190, Costa Atlantica

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  1. Cat says:

    Well yes, I assumed you meant that Sydney. My brother is in WInnipeg at present – cannot confuse that with anything Australian!

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