Sunday meet-up

The Surrey-Hampshire knitting meet up is normally at the White House Tavern (or is it pub?) in Guildford on about the second or third Sunday of the month.

From the sounds of it, there were going to be about half a dozen getting together today. And, like many other times, various other commitments got in the way. As a result, Ms Copper

and I were joined by just one other knitter. But MaryHenry brought with a brand new pattern book – Lerwick Lace by Sharon Miller. For the expert lace knitter it is both an education and a challenge. Miller includes not just a pattern, but the whole history of the shawl giving you insight into those who knit with the finest of handspun cobweb. Well beyond me, but I am looking forward to seeing this one develop over the next year.

It gets dark early, and the river is almost in flood from all the rains.

Guildford - along the river

Guildford - along the river


Since you saw a favorite pair of her shoes, I am sure you have no problems figuring out who has claimed this scarf.

Artesano Alpaca - Lovebird

Artesano Alpaca - Lovebird

(and I am skipping an extra run to Guildford and a run to Heathrow – being the Taxi Fahrer is not in my job description)

Audio and Visual

Ms Copper and I tried out The Office on DvD. Ick. However CSI: has us fascinated. iTunes doesn’t have all the seasons so next stop is the base library to see what we can borrow. Note – this is the original Las Vegas version.

Finished up all the library books, so it is back to audio.

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