Summary Saturday

After making large number of plans for today – I blew them all off. George was not exactly feeling up to snuff and managed to snore most engagingly for a good portion of the afternoon after wiping out on cold remedies.

It is also the first of Oct – I could lift my ban on new knitting/sewing projects. Or maybe alternate new things with finishing old?

In spite of my promise for nothing new in Sept – I managed three scarves (traveling and out of knitting), one test knit (a cowl) while frogging 6 items and finishing up three shawls, a baby pod, a vest, a cardigan and a pair of socks. The UFO/WIP pile has been diminished. In fact, it all fits into one container (well, it will as soon as I put away the yarn) and add the SOA which has been hanging around since before Kuwait. I think I had forgotten about that one. I even had started finishing the Norwegian Star Vest (1999) and was doing well till I ran out of yarn. As soon as I figure out which of all of those boxes has the last skein of grey – it can be completed as well.

So – should I start something new? Or continue up the back of Chess for George?

In other events – the crew took me out for dinner last night. We tried The Sahara at 165 Hauptstrasse. The food was ok, the service was horrible. Not because the waitresses didn’t care, but simply there was no way the three waitstaff could cover the entire restaurant, outside eating area and counter when the weather was lovely and the take-away was brisk. It is back to Cedars (Hauptrasse 105) for me.

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2 Responses to Summary Saturday

  1. Jane says:

    We settled for Helga’s our local German restaurant here, today. They do a great schnitzel, but the Spezi does’t match up to the authentic German one because we don’t have the right Fanta, just orange soda.

  2. Ann says:

    We went to a craft show in Northampton, MA over the weekend. On the way home was a sign for “the world’s largest yarn shop”. Don’t know the name, but of course thought of you. Also, visited the Freyburg (Maine) fair where they have a great fiber barn…lots of spinning and such. Thought of you again, of course. What do you do with all your projects? Your family must live in all your knits? I just can’t imagine…you’re so prolific. Why not sell your work? Then you’d have a reason to work your fingers off!
    Gotta go…

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