Suite Deal

As I might have mentioned – Ms Art and College Guy are with me on this cruise. Neither have school this week so Maus was perfectly willing to leave cold, snowy New York in favor of the Caribbean. In his case, I think he wanted a week of vacation where no one from work could call and guilt him into working.

Given that there are three of us, I had decided that the usual mini cabin wouldn’t work. And, as prices started to drop (after final payment of course) my lovely cruise agent kept checking in to see if they would give me any kind of a deal on an upgrade.

Let me just say that persistence finally paid off – I wound up being able to upgrade two levels past where I had originally booked for far less than either the original cost or the cost of a one level upgrade would have been just the week prior.  (and it seems really sad that a suite for three is cheaper than an outside cabin for one on the Legend….)

pictures to follow….


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