Cheerful pup

Cheerful pup

She went dashing after a deer in the yard this morning, sailing along a golden flash. Elena was starting to move better, the arthritis in her hip finally responding to medication.

Something happened. Ms Soprano who was standing there watching said the dog seemed to flip, land on her back and started screaming. Screaming from a dog can not be described; from upstairs, I thought that one of the neighborhood children was seriously injured.

With much struggling, she was loaded in the car and taken to the vet. Since then, Elena has been medicated, x-rayed and dosed with steriods. No fractures, but the spondylosis is pretty obvious and explains the paralysis of her back legs and tail. It isn’t complete, so we are hoping that she will regain neurological function.

Odds are about even and the next 24-48 hours will tell.


Not enough shocks for me today? I started out 4th of July weekend figuring on unofficially participating in Tour de Fleece. Not having a TV, I am not exactly following the race in real time. Today I noted that one of the teamsĀ  was spinning in the memory of Ruth Schooley. Huh? I had known Ruth over Knitlist, swaps and emails since 1995. I thought that we just lost track of each other. She died suddenly July of last year, only a couple days after her last blog post.

I still have a skein of yarn she spun and gifted me years ago that is so fine and beautiful I have never been able to bear using it. Now that seems silly. I will figure out some small lace scarf and enjoy the wearing and the memory.

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5 Responses to Suddenness

  1. Linda M says:

    I hope the dog recovers. It is so hard to see animals in pain. Maybe a Knitspot pattern would be special enough for your skein of Ruth’s yarn? Some of the neckwarmers and Little Nothings take less than 300 yards.

  2. I had the same experience recently with Muffy the Yarnslayer. That screaming is beyond any ‘coping with’ mechanism. You just have to stop it, somehow, by cuddling, medication, anything. I think she’d pulled a muscle somewhere. After several anxious limping days, she’s fine again, and I hope Elena will be too.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Please give Elena a gentle hug from me!

  4. Ruth says:

    How very sad about your dog. I hope the days of waiting give a ‘soon to be better’ dog.

  5. Angeluna says:

    Oh, dear. I shall be thinking of Elena (and you). Waiting for a positive report.


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