Where did it all come from?

I arrived here with a backpack and a suitcase.

I am going on vacation with a backpack and a suitcase. And I was planning on going back to the UK at the end with a backpack and a suitcase.

But I have a problem. I have more than what fits into the suitcase.

Admittedly, I stopped at a couple of department stores and Rödel. I might just have bought a few balls of sock yarn at a good price. 3.95€ for a 100gm ball of sock yarn is a good price, especially when it is going to become a vest or sweater. Then there were the books, did I mention buying a few paperbacks? And a magazine, and some underwear.

Oh, and I broke down and bought a winter coat. I have not had a nice one in years. A cape, yes, but not a coat. Coats close and have pockets.

End result is that I have three boxes of stuff (oh, and some DvDs) to go in the mail. I am contemplating just leaving all the warm weather clothing here till summer. Then I could, maybe, get all that needs to be in the suitcase packed in.

Only the sleeve cap to go on the second sleeve. I would show you a pix, but the camera is packed.

I thought about it, then decided to knit socks on the plane. They are just easier and go quite quickly. Boot socks out of 6 ply, that is.

I should get some sleep…..

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  1. The cat says:

    Honestly Holly, you are not fit to be trusted out alone in the big wide world – at least not anywhere with books or yarn! 🙂

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