When the one section head offered to take me along on a tourist trip today, I was more than ready for the chance.



One of those places that you have known about so long that you don’t have even a recollection of when you learned about the large standing stone circles in the UK. And there is this mind image, reflected by this artist, of how it should have been.

What doesn’t come across until you are standing on this windswept hill with the winter wind biting your ears and barrows surrounding you


is the magnitude of the effort it must have taken to raise the stones.

They are not small


and were moved around in a time where there were no cranes, major mechanics or fancy options on lifting that massive weight.

As we walked the outer path,


and observe the changing face and pattern of the dance


it somehow did not quite seem real.


but then


when leaving through the gift shop, I found a book on crop circles. Perhaps magic is just the best answer.


It all makes sock pair #42 toward the 52 pair plunge seem rather insignificant.


Even if I do like the details.


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  1. amanda j says:

    Fantastic photos! I am about to make a post with an award for you – you will have to visit to see!

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