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  1. Oh bother – I was planning to invite you back to help clear out the mess here….bookseller acquaintance looked slightly shocked when she walked in yesterday. (Do we really have that many books?)
    Are you sure you ever want to move house? You will have to pack everything! Are you going to use it all in your life time? (Did you look into the shed when you were here? We know Dad is not going to use all that timber!)
    Yes, do show us what it looks like – it may encourage me to do some clearing out myself

  2. I have books from 40 years ago but definitely no fabric (I have no fabric) or yarn (it was all used long ago and the stash renewed). You keep movies as well? Do you still have the equipment on which to play them? Do you ever watch them? And I suppose you have the old LP records and CDs and whatever…Dad eyed our collection the other day and muttered something but they are still sitting there. I am not going to shift them.

    Mind you I could not part with a book – I might need it one day! J

    Good luck – just don’t get yourself buried underneath it all!

  3. I’m tackling photographs next. I have boxes of photos to clean out and organize what I want to keep. Then will scan and save, too. That will be quite the project. Then I’ll go back to closets and storage spaces.

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