Step 2 – no plumber

You see, it was like this – the plumber was supposed to show up this morning and replace something in one toilet to “stop the leak.” What he had failed to do was tell the Modern Housing folks that there was some residual damage that needed to be fixed.

Being a basically nice person, I could not see wasting time and effort on fixing something that was just going to have to be ripped out.

The engineer didn’t show up this morning either. I sat waiting, wrapped up in two blankets in front of the electric fire with my laptop.

After a run to the office this afternoon, I figured the day at close to a total loss.

Comes 1700 and there is a knock on the door. I am figuring one of my friends who drops by quite regularly.

No, it is the engineer. He looks at the toilet room. He looks at the flooring that gives when he bounces. Notes the fungus growing up between the cracks in the rippling linoleum. Down stairs in the utility room, he makes note of the obvious wet places in the ceiling.

Guess what? The toilet is going to need to come out, the floor completely repairs and the linoleum relaid. Only at that point will the toilet be repaired. Please note, the plumber playing with the float (which, by the way functioned just fine, the leak was at the base….) would not have solved anything. Collapsing floors are a really bad idea.

I am to call on Monday and start nagging about timing for the repairs…..

I’d rather be knitting.

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2 Responses to Step 2 – no plumber

  1. The cat says:

    Oh miaou! What a disaster! Would you like to move in here for the interim (even though you would need to sleep on the sofa as we do not have a spare bed)? I know it is rather a long way to go to work…yes, a bit too far. Can you go back to Germany for Hannukah?

  2. Angeluna says:

    Holly, you are handling this so sanguinely (is that a word?). Sounds like a big mess. If it is any comfort, I recently went through collapsing floors in two baths simultaneously and the work went much more quickly than I expected.

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