Step 1 – lights

Waiting for the electrician (Did I mention that the florescent lights have gone out in the kitchen? Both of them, leaving it a bit challenging to do anything in that room any other time than between, oh lets say, 0830-1530?) I figure knitting should keep my fingers warm. After I get through all the work related email that is.

For those who celebrate the Christmas Holidays and like to decorate – Garn Studios (those wonderful people who make the Drops yarn and put all of their patterns on the web for free) has put up a Julekalendar with a new pattern every day.  The link is also part way down the home page.  Not normally watching such things, I saw a note by Maria who is already started on some really cute and speedy projects.

(many hours later) – I now have lights again in my kitchen and a scheduled time for the plumber tomorrow (I think) as well as all day next week Thursday for the heating system to be fixed.

End result is that I discovered something else today that was not to my benefit. BigFishGames have now organized their MAC games, making it extremely easy to download and try new games. Unfortunately for me, there were a couple of new games I just had to try. Knitting time was impinged.


Grave Secret – Charlaine Harris. Simple. Neither complicated in plot or characters, it is a nice change from her other paranormal series. Most of the ugliness is in the past, and a major mystery is solved in this book. All the same, it is probably about time she ends this one.
Missing in Death – J D Robb, read by Susan Erickson. Novella taken from a new story collection (this is the only one of the four stories available in audio so far – I think they are missing a trick or three). Slightly under 4 hours, it is quick, tightly plotted and wastes only a couple of minutes on sex scenes. Writing is more consistent than Kindred in Death (new out in Oct) which was quite uneven. Honestly? I would believe she changed ghost writers about an hour into the story.

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  1. ruth says:

    Computer Games! Did you say Computer Games? Hah! I rest my case! And now I will become insufferable and head off to the gym. Computer Games! I’m shocked. I’m stunned! I’m speechless! Nah I’m never speechless. Hee hee hee.

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