Stash enhancement

Sparing you pictures, but I made what is likely going to be my last yarn purchase of this calendar year.
Army-Navy is a store that helps anchor the Camberley Mall. They actually belong to House of Frazier. Said organization is getting out of the yarn business. As a result, the remaining yarn has gone to 70% off. I did not know this when I got back from my cruise. In fact, I learned of this interesting fact early this morning from reading one of the Ravelry Forums.
At 70% off, obviously there are gaping holes in stockage. Almost all of the worsted weight and aran weight rowan yarns are gone but for the odd ball. The colors left in most yarns are a bit strange.
I did score some Lima (a wonderful cabled yarn), 3 balls to go with the ones already on hand so that I now have enough for a particular sweater I want. Silky-Tweed in a couple of colors Рone of which will replace my current choice for Fäfner Рnow to be frogged without guilt.
Finally, I picked up some weird colors in Kid haze (the 225yards/25 gm kind) to knit some soft, fluffy scarves.

Then there is Prime Suspects and Madam Fate, neither of which can be played while talking on the phone. DH calling from the Lufthansa Senator lounge while waiting for his flight from SF to Frankfurt to be called. Work proceeding on new house well, he found good tenants for the next year and met more neighbors. Oh, yes and did some work in his spare time.

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  1. The cat says:

    Holly! Hmmm maybe it is just as well you were on that cruise…wish I had been there too of course. You have a house? I missed something….where?

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