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  1. Cup of tea and back to sleep sound excellent ! Some great images there.

    We had a temperature crash today, from 30sC (90sF) to whatever low-20sC is. One of those nights when you suddenly change from shorts & sleeveless tops to jeans & long sleeves. Perfect night to have oatmeal for dinner (yes, I did!). We are having a really weird summer, but Canberra has so far been spared the floods & the cyclones.

    Hang in there – hope you recover from the cold (the illness and the weather!) quickly.

  2. We too have been having “weather” here in Scotland. We had a storm that lasted 36 hours and put the wind gauge in the Cairgorms into shutdown mode at 115 mph. Here we had winds of around 50-60 mph. I don’t know how much rain there was but from the met. office website it looks like about 65mm. I went down into the Dell yesterday to look at the river and it is way above its usual level. There are a lot of trees down as well – some of them have fallen across the river and will be difficult to remove. The wind has now dropped and this afternoon it stopped raining for long enough to get outside and do some much-needed tidying up in the garden. The first few timid spring flowers are blooming at long last – a welcome sight after a harsh winter even by Scottish standards.

  3. I read that sipping barely-sugared hot cocoa, shown to kill staph germs in the mouth. Not quite chicken soup for my own cold, but it’s a start. I hope you feel better, and take care walking around there.

  4. Despite the floods in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, we could do with rain here in the south of the state. It is strange to see our back lawn looking green…we are allowed to water now. Steve has put in a large rain water tank and this can be switched to the house for full use by the household.

  5. We got done with the rain for a day, but tomorrow there will be more. Everyone’s having the most amazingly crappy weather. Roof collapses in Massachusetts are over 100 now.

    My students often remark on how dirty and trashy their home countries are when they return home. If nothing else, all the illegal immigration will perhaps lead to the greening of central and south Americas.

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