Standing in Salt Lake City

We have gotten this far, the Miriam and I. Both of us are exhausted; she because of well earned sleep lack and me because neither my body or brain has a clue as to time zones/geographic location but sure that where ever I am – it is the wrong place.

We managed to get to the Reno airport to be confronted by a combination of fans and escapees from the Viet Nam Vets Reunion plus the occasional screaming child tossed in for seasoning. The fans are obvious: either wearing standard conwear or still sporting their badges. The Vets? hats, t-shirts and the inability to recognize that deafness is a treatable condition.

Did I mention how much I really hate puddle jumpers? There isn’t enough room on it for much of any cabin luggage…. and partway through the flight is when one discovers that those much desired head phones just happened to be in the gate checked back pack.

Next flight is not for a few hours -then red eye to NY.

Since I have Maus staring at the screen over my shoulder, it is time to get off the computer and give her a turn at email…..

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2 Responses to Standing in Salt Lake City

  1. Pat says:

    I *love* puddle jumpers. The clouds are so close and so real. The currents feel like you are surfing the sky. Flying is a much more intimate experience in puddle jumpers, and I love flying.

    Well, I used to love flying. My son is terrified of the TSA inspections, and the healthcare community has gone on record saying the scanners are dangerous. It is now train, bus if desperate.

  2. Holly says:

    I have been on all sizes and types of small planes. It is not the planes or the staff – it is all the passengers on the planes who drive me nuts!

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