Spun out

Warmed up the house a bit more today with open windows and doors. Of course, I will need to be reminded about how cold things were once we get to the two weeks of summer when it will be too warm.

About the time I was really settled in back with the spinning wheel there were a few drops of rain.

The clouds sense of humor and mine just aren’t the same

Socks on the line


From Sakinaneedles I have this merino silk roving. In fact, I have two of them at 4 oz each. Spun the first into a nice fine singles and will tackle the second tomorrow.
Colourway temptation

From the same dyer also comes Rufus in BFL; four ounces spun as well with another 8 to go.

Colourway Rufus


No DvDs today, the computer seems to be crashing every 5-10 minutes meaning I need to do some backing up. Instead, it was listening and reading hard copy . Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman.
Hard Truth by Nevada Barr. Finished today. Train Man by PJ Deutermann, started and finished. Good story for spinning or eating desert. Think strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate.

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2 Responses to Spun out

  1. ruth says:

    Have I told you lately that I love reading your blog? I don’t comment all that often, but I’m here reading.

  2. Carmen says:

    I am transfixed by the colors of the roving. Pink and Really Pink and soft baby mouse grey (my favorite, actually). How is this going to turn out? Will this yarn be for socks?

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