Somewhere along the Rhine

River lies Schloss Schoenborn. The Graf (got to love those tiles) and family have been running a vineyard for centuries – oh, shall we try on the idea that the land has been in the family and out of reach of the peasants since 1347?

You might ask yourself why does she know this, and/or care.

Fair question. I left the ship, walked to Southamptons Central Bus terminal, took the National Express Bus to Heathrow and checked in at the Lufthansa desk. The lovely woman there didn’t even blink at how early I was.

And now you are starting to catch on.

The Star Alliance Lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 1 is large, well appointed and has real food and beverages. There are always salads and jacket potatoes. Intermittently there is an offering of other interesting foods such as Chicken Tikkah skewers, or baked beans and toast. Over on the beverage side the coffee machine happily spit out lattes and other coffee drinks. The hot water spout delivers boiling temperature for those tea drinkers who insist on burning their tongues. The two uprights fridges have a full array of sodas, beers, ales, stout, water, juices. Which just leaves a nice shelf of the hard stuff and a variety of wine.

And I was bored. I don’t drink reds. I will sample the whites occasionally if I can deal with a follow on head ache. The chardonay was horrible, but the Riesling? Cool, crisp and startling refreshing. I noted that it was a 20111 estate wine and went back to my computer. Free internet and all of that but it never occurred to me to look it up.

Leaving most of it behind (no desire for a headache here) I headed for the gate. Maybe, just maybe George might be able to get me to a wine tasting after all. THere just might be something out there to taste.

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