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  1. I beat them into submission by using them for dusting and then tossing them- serves ’em right for the insubordination!

    Chere’, with a very ornery grin

  2. I have their matches, right over here, in a big black trash bag I really ought to chuck in the trash before my company arrives this evening. Really, what’s stopping me. (The fact that I keep finding pairs again each time I dump the mess out again, that’s what, darnit.)

  3. Some of those socks may have landed here. Mind you, I dealt with them severely. I told them “air conditioning” in the toes and heels was unacceptable.

  4. Trust me, if I thought it would work, sending you my orphans like so much unwanted baggage I do would do it in a heart beat. But we both know the minute that happens the mates are going to crawl wailing out from where ever they have been “resting.”

  5. Sock it to ‘em Holly!

    What a supreme effort. I once kept an orphan sock for 3 years and managed to reunite it with it’s ‘mother’ that had been hiding in the corner of a fitted sheet!
    Victory was mine!

  6. The problem is these are what is left after all those with excessive ventilation have gone to the loopers pile. This, of course, could explain why I have so many orphans.

  7. when socks do not mactch,

    1) cut the toes off & use them for rags,

    2) wear them in high fashion, 1 short & one knee height =-O

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