so get off already!

The only thing more awesome than watching someone board an airplane carrying what appear to be their entire life’s possessions is watching them attempt to get back off. The good thing about having a seat in the back of the plane is that the seats are not popular. They don’t cost extra like the seats closer to the front. Think about it for a minute – on American Airlines you can pay $35-49 to sit in the front of the coach section with maybe 2 more inches of room. Or you can pay $25 to check a bag much larger than a roller board and weighing up to 23kg. Think about it for a minute…..

So there I am in row 24 of which I am the only resident. I was able to stretch out and sleep for part of the direct flight from MIA to PHX which is an excellent use of the more than five hour flight with 25 minutes added for headwind delays. There is no point in rushing, not with more than 130 people between me and the exit. Unlike boarding time, they are all attempting to cram into the narrow isle at the same time leaving absolutely no room for luggage. Didn’t see to stop any of them as they opened overhead compartments and rained contents down on their unsuspecting neighbors. I would have taken a picture but there were just too many people blocking the passage. They are jammed up to the point where no one can move. Gridlock in the isles and their surrounding passengers starting to get restless.

Me? With about 1/2 the plane empty I slung on my backpack and was able to head up the isle straight away without falling over anyone or anything. Collecting my suitcase (checking is cheaper than the more expensive seat, remember?) I caught the rental shuttle and picked up a car. Now if I could just figure out why the directions sent me the long way through the airport on my way to 202E.

To top off the long trip (after midnight now) I found the hotel/resort with ease. The room is beautiful, Keurig machine, fancy bathroom and high speed wifi. Too bad that the name didn’t clue in the person who made the reservation for me. Love him dearly but the place just happens to be a casino. Full of young and happy drunks staying in the hotel and up at all hours…… But my coffee cup is more than 1/2 full of decaf so I am good!

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2 Responses to so get off already!

  1. Kris says:

    Too funny! He’d probably LOVE to stay there.

  2. Ann says:

    Where are you now? Yes, I see Phoenix, but a casino resort?? Where is that? Don’t you have the credit cards which allow you to check your bag for free, or was this trip on the wrong airline? And , of course, where to next??
    Happy travels,

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