Not thinking that we were at much further risk for cold weather, remember that I just bagged dealing with the boiler earlier this week in favor of dealing with it as a non-emergency after I was back from leave. Today is 6 April. I awoke to snow flurries. Light and fluffy, it looks quite pretty.

Big, fat flakes of snow and this is April

I don’t know what it is doing to all my buds and flowers, but it is cold in the house again.

I have snow on the car and down the street

Snow on the car

and coming down all along the street

It was covering the bushes and trees where yesterday we had buds.

Piles of snow on the bushes

Tree frost

which might explain our nutsiness.

By noon the sun was well out

the sun was well out

and by 1500 – when Miriam and I went for a walk, Old College was gleaming in the sun.

Old College


Definitely made progress on the vest.
Progress on the Vest. 6 April 2008

And all three Kippot are complete.
The Noro KippahThe guz Kippah
Wild Cherrz Kippah


We are watching Bones. 3 DvD watched, and one to go. I just don’t get the two sided concept. Yes, it saves disks, but increases the chances of something going wrong.

Now, all I have to do is figure out why I suddenly have a keyboard that is responding with the German placement of punctuation on an American computer….


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2 Responses to Snowing

  1. ruth says:

    Those are just lovely kippot! Snow. feh!

  2. knittyvritti says:

    beautiful pictures the last few days. and crazy weather. hold on, it will be summer soon….and a have a beautiful holiday.

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