No, it is not what you find in your drain, septic tank, or at the bottom of the local stream bed.

That is the official term, the highway engineers tell me, for the intermitant build up and slow down of cars on the road for no good reason that anyone can figure out at all.

We have all been there: driving along, minding our own business when the traffic slows down to nothing for a few hundred meters or so, then speeds up to normal again leaving everyone just shaking their heads.

Good road design does not contribute to the phenomena. A lot of sludging leads to agravation, short tempers and probably accidents.

And then there was our drive back from Lakenheath this afternoon, the boy and I.

It was not sludging that had us taking 2 hours to travel 3 km, closed the M11 just short of Epping and created a detour through Harlow to read the M25.

To Quote:

SIX cars and a lorry were involved in multiple accidents on the M11 today (November 22), which left two people in hospital.

A one mile stretch of the motorway, near to the M25 interchange at junction six, saw three separate accidents.

Instead of reaching home shortly before 1700, it was 1930… tired, hungry and really looking for a bathroom break.

Not only that, but I lost hours of knitting time. The Mole doesn’t have a driver’s license and besides – wouldn’t it just figure that I didn’t bring anything with me?

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