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Slithering under the couch cushions — 3 Comments

  1. I think it’s as good an explanation as any I’ve heard yet. I was just contemplating on Monday where do all the things go that ‘nobody’ moved.

  2. Have you ever tried cabling without a cable needle? I’m a big proponent since it makes my life so much easier. You do have to practice a bit, but it’s a good skill to have.

    Funnily enough, I don’t have that problem with tape measures per say, but there are other things that do it to me, like gas candle lighters. I’ve got 5 and frequently can’t find a single one. Even if I can, the one I find is bound not to work. Honestly, I think there are little imps in all our lives who conducts studies about what would annoy us most to lose and then promptly hide those things just to watch us in our irritation. Must be fun to be an imp.

  3. One of the tape measures in the UK is on my bed. Don’t ask. I picked it up while wandering through the house and never thought to bring it back to your room, so you might want to check.

    – Nina

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