Joining a small group from Cruise Critic, we headed up into the hills almost immediately after docking. Our destination was Sintra. Since I have been in Lisbon before, I had jumped at the chance to see one of the historical sites out of time while avoiding the cast of dozens that is common to cruise ship tours.

Also, the fact that it is Sunday strongly played into my decision. One never knows on museum hours and store hours in the EU. As it turns out, in Portugal economics trumps church related closing times in any and all areas that might have tourists. Or anyone interested in shopping for that matter.

So anyway, we drove through the fog and out of town to the Palace. We were there just as they opened and it was completely amazing to see it rising out of the fog. (limiting the pictures in this post due to delays in uploading. There are also decorative tiles everywhere – a specialty of Portugal. I will show those and the fantastic architectural details in a later post).

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  1. Lovely! Particularly the doorway in the mist.

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