Since 11 Sept

Taken From Jews in Green
For families of the deceased: Ha’makom yenahem etkhem betokh she’ar avelei Tziyon vi’Yerushalayim.

Agami, Daniel – Specialist, Army, Florida
Allen, Howard Paul – Sergeant, Army National Guard, Arizona
Ben Yahudah, Benyahmin – Specialist, Army, Georgia
Bernstein, David – 1st Lieutenant, Army, Pennsylvania
Bitton, Albert – Corporal, Army, Chicago
Blum, Aron C. – Sergeant, Marines, Arizona
Bruckenthal, Nathan – Petty Officer, Coast Guard, New York
Budeysky, Steven M. – Sergeant, Army, Chicago
Cohen, Michael R. – Corporal, Marines, Pennsylvania
Dvorin, Seth – 2nd Lieutenant, Army, New Jersey
Engel, Mark E. – Lance Corporal, Marines, Colorado
Evnin, Mark A. – Corporal, Marines, Vermont
Fairbairn, Aaron – Private First Class, Army, Washington
Farkas, Daniel – 1st Lieutenant,Army National Guard, New York
Fletcher, Jacob S. – Private First Class, Army, New York
Freeman, Daniel J. – Specialist, Army, Cincinatti, OH
Harrington, Foster – Sergeant, Marines, Texas
Jacobson, Elizabeth N. – Airman First Class, Air Force, Florida
Krissoff, Nathan M. – 1st Lieutenant, Marines, Nevada
Mervis, Paul – Lieutenant, British Army, London
Pine, Shawn – Lieutenant Colonel, Army Reserve, Texas
Pontell, Darin – Lieutenant JG, Navy, Pentagon, died on 9/11
Rosenberg, Mark – Major, Army, Florida
Schrage, Dustin – Corporal, Marines, Florida
Schulte, Roslyn – 1st Lieutenant, Air Force, St. Louis, MO
Secher, Robert Michael – Captain, Marines, Tennessee
Seiden, Marc S. – Specialist, Army, New Jersey
Shackelford, Michael – Sergeant, Army, Denver, CO
Sherman, Alan D. – Sergeant, Marines, New Jersey
Stern, Andrew K. – 1st Lieutenant, Marines, Tennessee
Tarlavsky, Michael – Captain, Army, 5th Special Forces Group
Weiner, Robert M. – Sergeant, Army National Guard, Illinois
Wershow, Jeffery – Specialist, Army National Guard, Florida
Wolfe, Colin J. – Private First Class, Marines, Virginia
Wolfer, Stuart A. – Major, Army, Florida
Wong, Elijah – Sergeant, Army National Guard, Arizona
Yelner, Jonathan – Senior Airman, Air Force, California

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