Sights and Sounds – Night Noise

And no, I do not mean any of the wonderful albums put out by the group of that name.

Rather, those noises in the night that might just fall into the bump in the night category. I am sure that they vary by deployed base and location on the base.

First, there are those camp wide noises, i.e. a public address system. Have not heard one here, but it was obvious in Kandahar. Along with the echose which rendered all announcements entirely incomprensible. I was reassured that as long as there were words prior to sirens, not to worry. For that matter, why worry when you are soaking wet in the shower with shampoo streaming down your face? Ignoring the siren means that you are taking a chance on getting rinsed and dressed. And that whatever is inbound will be intercepted rather than land in your area.

Last night there were large thumps and booms. I have no clue and did not check any of the secure systems before writing this note to ensure that I did not say anything stupid. And then there were all the airplane noises. Lots of cargo, a few fighters, trucks on the road as well at tach vehicles rolling by at the end of the housing area. 

Obviously there are still going to be nights where headphones are needed.

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