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  1. Oh goodness Holly, I have the same 4 legged problem you do. Although I don’t think my squirrels are quite so cute as yours. It started yesterday morning at dawn. I heard them ripping apart the wooden roof shingles, then obviously they got in through a hole and started running back and forth in the attic over my head!!!! No sleep there.

    I climbed up and did temporary repairs (thank goodness because we had a sudden pouring rainstorm) and the roofers have been called. Unbelievable. The bloody little critters cost me a fortune every year. Last year I bribed them by putting piles of squirrel food at the other end of the garden, but that was running over $10 a week, which is also ridiculous and probably makes them propagate more.

    How do you plan to battle yours?

  2. *blushes* I always think my reviews are haphazard and scattered. There’s so much to say about most of them, but you have to try and put it all in without giving anything away for those who haven’t read the book.

    Awwwwww, the Siebenschläfer are cute. I hope my cats haven’t been catching any of them. We have enough of the normal mice for them to be dealing with. Fortunately, neither the mice nor the martens where I live have actually damaged anything, other than my car cables. They just scrabble and make a bit of noise. Not any more than the horses though. Now they bang on the walls until you go and have a look. Once you’re there, they just stand there and act all innocent like with “who? me?” written all over their faces.

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