How can I but help showing shinies?

Toys are one of the joys of a knitter’s life. Certainly, one can not have too many needles.  Whether looking at size, length or materials it is easy to justify another knitting needle or five. Even if you are not a knitter who has multiple WIPs at anyone time, it would not be reasonable to be without needle choices.

In fact one of the most technically competent knitters I know does just one project at a time. She also has an extensive needle collection and introduced me to Off Hand Design. Fortunately for me, it happened at the same time as some closeout sales. Their needles cases however useful and lovely, wonderful to play with but not shiny.

These are shiny

scarf with needles

scarf with needles

Truly shiny and sliding through stitches so easily that the silk would like to spin away. For these, I am using a pair of straight needles (first time in years). They are gold (for the size) and feel great in my hands. I want more but straight needles? Now, if the Signature Arts team would just start making circulars I would be down a lot of money. Permanent colors representing the needle sizes? Easily slip of sticky yarns and the ability to choose a really sharp point for lace or stranded work.

Oh, BTW – I knit another six repeats on Calyso. You saw that.

My right arm didn’t feel like throwing today. Since I need sleeves for this sweater anyway it seemed reasonable to get them started.

siamese sleeves

siamese sleeves

Starting with a provisional cast on, I am knitting the main portion of the sleeves in the round from the bottom up and have steeks between the sleeve sections. My plan is to knit the main length, cut, seam and then work downward for the cuff.

My last Kauni sweater didn’t have sleeves that match and I didn’t want to go there again. The sleeves so far are 20+ cm long and no where near this light in color (inside and flash).

A day with mindless knitting on a circular needle while watching CSI. Not bad at all….

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2 Responses to Shinies

  1. Ruth says:

    Nice shinies. Tell me more about your scarf!

  2. I love the idea of knitting two sleeves at once with steeking between… a real good idea – if you’re steeking… then might as well make the sleeves match!!! 🙂

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