I told you the other day that I started the City Jacket by Hoxbro. I bought her book, at least I thought I had, a number of years ago. Come to think about it, perhaps I haven’t found it in my book stack because I purchased it in German or Danish?

Anyway – I have this tendency to buy all sorts of knitting books first and look at the second. It might be the effect of being overseas, or just that I am a book junkie. But a fiber related book comes in the house and it never ever leaves.

(Well – ok, I should really do something about the duplicates. Where was I now?)

Oh, yes, shadow knitting.

At the time I bought the book, I thought it was interesting and put it aside. A few years later I took up knitting Hanne Falkenberg designs and fell in love with interesting constructions, 3.00 mm needles and a high tolerance with garter stitch forever.

In Jan 2009 I found a Vivian Hoxbro kit on sale in Berkeley at a lovely little yarn store. The price was great. Unfortunately, it was modular knit – and the vine leaves have languished, having the possibility of have more ends to weave in than any sane person would ever tackle. It was on sale, the proice was great but even I have to admit the colors were ugly.

Now – on to the City Jacket which is knit in rather large squares with a four row repeat.

the edge plus the first few rows

the edge plus the first few rows

What is really amazing (this is the right sleeve square?) is that I can actually see that the combination of color change and knit/purl does make the darker color show up on what will eventually be the front neck line and the lighter in back.


a bit clearer on the detail

a bit clearer on the detail

I think this may just make excellent plane and ship knitting. Especially since I made a spreadsheet to avoid mistakes!

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2 Responses to Shadowknitting

  1. Car says:

    I think the Salsa one is interesting. But sweaters are just not great for this climate, so I am not tempted to become involved with knitting one.

  2. Ruth says:

    Looking forward to the day when you have that ‘duplicate’ book sale! I’ve read about Shadowknitting on Grumperina’s site before…interesting stuff.

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