Seville – the Palace

The King of Spain is still known to stay in certain sections of the palace (obviously not the areas that are open to us). Otherwise, all I can say is that the architecture and details are fabulous. There is active restoration under way. The good thing about all the original work being molded rather than carved is that it can be duplicated (molds carved from Cedar, the mix being a combination of chalk, marble and something else if I remember correctly).

The part we could visit is primarily Moorish style architecture with obvious Christian additions in the 1400s and onwards.

I am done with the long bus rides to the ends of the earth. There were people on this bus who I would have cheerfully pushed off a high cliff. Since I am having problems hanging on to my sense of humor (what part of “we want to leave this rest stop in 15 minutes don’t they get. Yes there was a long line for the Loo. They could have shopped first and added themselves to the end of the line after rather than standing in line followed by throwing a temper tantrum because they couldn’t have the time for made in China junk….. sheesh. I would say I am too old for this, but they are older than I!

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