Oh joy, it was raining when I crawled out of bed this morning with less that 5 hours of sleep. Getting dressed was not that rough and my suitcase was packed. I even located my car keys, cell phone and passport.

There was the particulary jobsworth at the train station.
Informed me at 0610 (train comes at 01618) that I should have bought my ticket from the vending machine

Vending Machine didn’t have a place for a discount.
Yes, it does.
Well, I could not easily find it and could not see my way clear to paying full fare when I am can use HRM Military discount.
It is right there.
Fine, but you are here to sell tickets, aren’t you?

South West Trains

80 minutes later I am at Heathrow, much of it slow train, waiting and even slower bus time. No way could I have taken the 0718 and made the flight.

I have preprinted my boarding pass. The first gatekeeper stops me – your wheeled carryon looks too big. I demonstrate- it fits in the size thing. Been taking it on the plane for two years. Never mind that the airlines have dropped the size of their overheads, I can make it fit (grin).

Heading down the runway – I got to see the infamous Terminal 5

Terminal 5 - Heathrow
with its line up of British Airway flights (can you spell Lufthansa? Nicer and cheaper).

Yes, it was raining – rapidly ascending through the clouds

The extremely kind, wonderful guy to whom I am married even picked me up at Frankfurt. At stop at the commissary and we were home in plenty of time to wash, chop and cook vegetables. The youngest two pitched in with minimal complaints. The Mole did wonderfully and didn’t even blink at being up and about.


From getting ready (anyone want to explain why my brain kept telling me 1830 like every other year when it turned out the starting time was 1930? I could have taken a nap. Really could have used that nap).

To holding the service –

to the six (hard to get both sides of the table with this particular lens) who sang every single last concluding song. One way to entertain while a few of the rest of us cleaned up.

Turning the Voice lose with the camera – she even proved that I was there.
I was even there

It was well after 2300 when we returned – turkey and leftover tzimmes in tow. Staggered toward bed, it was a really long day, to be topped by a week of eating flavourless cardboard (excuse me, Matzah!)


He was willing to me take pictures of him in the completed vest
Front View

What I am not going to do is post pictures of all the Kippot – go here if you want to see a good number

Kippah - STR yarn


High Country – Nevada Barr – almost through disk 4/5 in the car.
Time Crime – H. Beam Piper (Podibook – current recording of this 1956 classic.)
Small Favor – Jim Butcher in Hardback (yes, the latest Dresden File .) His page is worth visiting, and the short story is what you might call unexpected cute.

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3 Responses to Seder

  1. amanda j says:

    You just had me googling twice! Once for Seder, once for commissary! I am learning even now, on a Sunday evening. The vest looks fabulous!!

    Lucky you chose the earlier train!

  2. Marit says:

    Thanks to a radioprogramme this morning, I knew about both Seder and Matzah! They spoke to a rabbi(?) in Trondheim this morning, about Jewish Pesach, and it was very interesting, because we know very little about it!
    Very nice vest!

  3. Kristin L says:

    Great vest — he looks quite handsome.

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