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  1. It is admirable that the military is actually trying. I think the way the budgets are being wacked around here, there won’t be any money in civilian budgets for ‘frivolities’ like rape prevention, rape victim exams, rape investigations or trials – along with all the other health and social services being de-funded.

  2. While the CO at Vicenza I was certified as a SAFE.

    I did physical exams as my clinical work, and given the small size of the community and being male, I was the perfect person to examine the male of the incident, as I would be very unlikely to have treated them before.

    We were lucky with having a 24/7 on-call women’s health provider.

    We also agreed to take on anyone from Livorno, as the Host Nation response was pathetic.

    Luckily I never had to use it.

    We in the military are not perfect, but after talking to some women SANE’s, the civilian sector is very hit or miss.

    It takes a lot of emphasis from the top of the local law enforcement agency to include the prosecutors or it is just seen as a lot of work with little pay off.

  3. There was a woman I went to high school with who joined the Navy back
    in the late 70s or 80s, and deployed on a ship somewhere in an ocean
    somewhere. She was a little butch in high school, but we never knew
    for sure. She dated guys sometimes in high school, so maybe, who
    knows. Then the news came. She had disappeared at sea, on calm seas,
    mysteriously, and no one knew anything about it. She just wasn’t there
    at morning check-in. The assumption was that she was helped overboard
    during the night. I remember her face, but not her name at the moment.

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