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Salute Alley — 5 Comments

  1. Gee – i remember the no cover = no salute rule being applicable. When did that change? Salute alley at the Presidio of Monterey was just outside the gym during lunch break from language classes.

  2. 3 indicators that you have been in a while:
    1. The airmen biologically are young enough to be your child
    2. The captains are starting to look too young to have that degree of responsibility. (The lieutenants have always looked like kids to me)
    3. You are returning way more salutes than you initiate! 🙂

  3. Your email today had me hysterically laughing!! Your right arm will soon look like Rafael Nadal’s left arm: the muscles in that arm are huge and his right arm is tiny in comparison!!

  4. We retirees don’t get saluted…but I do need to return salutes from gate guards at Navy & AF bases.

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