With out a doubt, this was my favorite stop on the cruise. Salerno is lovely with twisting lanes in the old city; heavy stone walls inset with doors and windows leading to shops – all with interesting and intricate metal grills. The new portions featured wide pedestrian zones clean and filled with interesting places to see.

As you moved out of the newer area, there were those places which had seen better days. There were two young cheerful women at the information point near the train station. They didn’t have much German and a bit more of English. Neither the words yarn or knitting were familiar. Given the Internet, it did not take them long to run a search. And come up blank. A second run delivered a couple of possibilities (I had already been through and ruled out the department stores). Dry goods stores seemed like the best bet.

Hiking back to the other end of the pedestrian zone – I found the suggestion location. The store apparently was no longer in business at that particular location. I just headed up the hill and wandered around a bit more but didn’t uncover any great possibilities. The one store I did find had towels, p.j.s, underwear, swimwear and other assorted similar products, but no notions and certainly no yarn.

Probably the most important thing was the amount of green. After time on the ship, the Mole in particular had a need of trees. There was a long promenade along the water front and green patches scattered through out the city.

Salerno might not be Tunis – but it is a great place to stop.

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  1. Mary says:

    Well, I’m delighted for you that you are having so many good adventures!! Keep going with the flow – you deserve it!!

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