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Safe in Heidelberg — 6 Comments

  1. Ha, just wait, things don’t get better. We have the same issue at many stores, seems the programmer was sloppy or didn’t understand that there are CREDIT cards which don’t require any PIN, and debit cards which do, and in many cases, the SAME card can be used as either (as ours are). Home Depot is an example of the bad programming as they always say ‘Enter Pin’. The trick is to press ‘CANCEL’ at that point, and it’ll go thru as a credit charge. Idiots, would have been so easy to ask which card and then tree the code correctly.

    Glad you arrived safely….

  2. OMG!!
    Now I read the full horror of your day. I’m exhausted reading it!
    Leave the car and curl up, unwind and have a wonderful end to an exceedingly trying day!!


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