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  1. Ok, been interesting following this, but some how, I think I missed the beginning and can’t find it. What is she doing in Windy Chi-town, what school is she going to be going to, how’d it all come about, and of course, the most important, I’m amazed you were able to bring the pooch along…must have been a ton of red tape.

    Hey…we see a quarter inch of snow on the ground…whoopee….

  2. Our friends have a Norwegian Elkhound so will be canine info resources. I’ll shoot him an email just to give him a heads-up in case you or Ms. Soprano decide to call.

  3. Sounds like quite the trip. I’m amazed how much traveling you have done in the past year. Happy New Year, by the way!

    So far, it’s been a pretty mild, sunny winter. Some rain days, but not as many as usual. Lots of lovely sunrises for our morning runs.

    Hope all goes well getting your daughter settled in Chicago. Your children chose great places to go to school for you guys to visit.

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