Everyone needs a down day. A quiet day in which work obligations fall by the wayside.

Since I am neither a regimented person or particularly observant, I am chosing my own set of rules.

1) Work – I am taking a day a week in which I don’t do work unless it is an emergency. Work is what I define as work. I don’t have problems with electricity. I live in a B-hut which will be pitch black inside unless I turn off and on lights. I don’t consider computer games, knitting, reading, watching videos or listening to audio books work.

2) people – I am living on a base with vast numbers of other people. While it is true that I do not interact with each and everyone of them on a daily basis – there are a lot of them around. On my quiet day – I am not dealing with other people without important provication.

3) food – eating what I want?

So, my day was spent reading, knitting, a few computer games, and hearing audio books. I got take-out from the Dragon DFAC for supper. I didn’t go shopping, to the post office or finance. I ran no errands or did any major cleaning.

And tomorrow I might just be up for being back and work refreshed. Or at least as muich so as one can with the discovery that 20+C outside does not guarentee warm water in the shower after a significant number of those strangers beat you to the shower in the morning…..

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One Response to Ruhetag

  1. Pat says:

    I agree. Everytime I look at religions, I see all these ‘rules’ set in
    place as being sacred that clearly have a fundamental underlying
    purpose of maintaining the health and welfare (both physically,
    psychologically & socially) of those people who follow those rules in
    that place and time. I agree with some that as the globalization of
    our cultures has occurred that some of the earlier rules are less
    relevant. Because the rules are interpreted as spiritual and symbolic
    rather than practical, they then throw the baby out with the
    bathwater, so to speak, and give up the whole kit and kaboodle,
    without looking for the underlying practical inspiration of the rule
    and what is needed to fill that gap in today’s world. It is the old
    “Cows, Pigs, Wars & Witches” approach having gotten lost.

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