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  1. I had a classmate when I went to school in Portugal whose dad had a linen shop in Funchal, so when we were there in 1963 we went to his store. I loved Madeira hankies. We took a tour and went up this very windy road up the mountain to an overlook that kinda hung over the edge. I never have had a fear of heights so I thought it was pretty neat. The other thing I remember were the orchids. When we sailed I think we had over 50 orchids in our cabin. They sold them in bunches of branches. Do they still do that? Would love to go back as I remember it as a very beautiful, rather exotic place, but that was almost 50 years ago–hard to believe.

    Bon Voyage.

  2. Great photos – really interesting. Sounds like a nice trip (to places I’ve never been).

    Meant to say: I have more than a passing interest in the beautiful doors. I have decided, after all this time, that I am finally fed up with not having a coat closet and have persuaded Garry to construct one. As it will be in a prominent location in the house, I’d like it to look as attractive as a coat closet door can look — so it was inspiring to see those examples!

  3. Love the images! What a terrific use of local artistic talent, and great tourist attraction. Much better than painted cows or horses (various cities in the US)

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