Rosh Hashanah

A time of year to think, contemplate and look ahead.

This year the holiday pretty much snuck up on me. With all the changes that have happened in my life these past months, you would think I would have been looking forward to a time of reflection.

Instead, yesterday afternoon I was trying to figure out what time to bail the DH out of the train station because his flight from California was going to be late. Contemplating whether or not I was going to be able to round everyone up for dinner.

Deciding that I was not interested in either the Orthodox Services at the local Gemeinde or driving to Ramstein, I did manage to locate a Taschlich Service as well as several of the holiday prayer books. A bit of reading by myself was more than enough.

The Ramstein Chapel rather than the local one occurred because the local Rabbi is leading services in Afghanistan – which is the right place for him to be. What I don’t care for is his unilateral decision that there will not be services here in Heidelberg. Considering how many years we (the local community) managed just fine without a Rabbi, that appears pretty arbitrary.

So I just might not have the best attitude. Added to that, I seem to have managed to offend everyone in the house all on the same day. Except for the dog. It is really hard to annoy a golden retriever – everyone is their friend, especially someone who brings them a ball from the states.

May you all have a pleasant and sweet New Year’s. May your thoughts be serious, pleasant and your day go without worries or hassles. Enjoy friends, family and your health. Forgive them, as I would ask you to forgive me for all the petty annoyances and focus on the large things – life is good.

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