Rome (Cititavecchia)

Once again – there is no such thing as pulling into port in Rome. The nearest one can get is Cititavecchia. Perhaps it is not a bad thing that the ship has the tours into Rome on a Sunday – most of what people on a short tourist drill is going to be available to be seen on a Sunday. Most other places roll up their streets on Sunday.

Of course, this does not include bars which seem to start serving at 0800 in the morning and cafes which do much the same. Stores? No – not unless you are looking to buy tobak and newspapers.

Cititavecchia did not do well in WW II. In the gallery below you can see a bit of what little of the city managed to survive the war. In the 10 years immediately post war, essentially the whole port and city had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

What they did not seem to think important was signage. Allegedly there is a Marine Museum. Maus and I walked down one of the main street, tried several of the connecting streets and stood exactly where the map said we were to find the museum. Right. Deciding that the sun had completely gotten to us – we headed back to the ship via the port shuttle bus (a great way to take 15 minutes to travel 300 meters).

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