We docked today in the same location Noah and I did two years ago off the NCL Spirit. It was not the same location as earlier this year. There was a new pier and some bit spiffier than before, but once you were out the main gate – nothing had changed.

I took my new snorkel gear out to the Underwater Museum. Turned out to be a seeded location (which meant that there were actually things to see) but too much time was spent on that and not enough time spent on the reef where there were lots of little fish which didn’t want to come anywhere near my camera.




In any case, you can see that the water was incredibly clear. Now it would have helped if my mask wasn’t turning out be a tiny bit too large (just love leaks) and the legs hadn’t started to cramp.

Then of course – is the most recent Hitchhiker before I move on to something with color


Knit on the standard 3,00 mm needles from one strand of Zauberball This one is going to get tossed in the mail to Chicago so that it can do duty next winter in New York. Now I just have to ask if the dude wants a hat to match…..

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    Have a wonderful time!

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