Roatan, Honduras

It is an early arrival – or at least an hour’s worth of time change plus an 0800 pull in made it feel quite early. After having a cup of coffee with a music professor from the east coast and a science teacher from Arizona, I headed off to find the boy.

After leaving the ship, we hike a couple of miles along the main road in the direction of the airport without seeing much more than typical one story buildings, most on pilings oceanside. Stray dogs and flies are common as are bars, barefoot chidden and dark interiors to stores this early in the morning.

We skipped tours, travels and beaches in favour of wandering around on our own on this overcast day. We are about to head back out, away from the town to see what else we might be able to find.

(Oh, I think I forgot to tell you that this is an island off the coast – so 45 minutes ferry to anywhere!)

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2 Responses to Roatan, Honduras

  1. Mary says:

    So you are sailing with the WalMart shoppers?!!! Hope they don’t crush you as you walk down the halls!!

    If you walked around the Roatian Honduras island…:what did your fellow “svelt” passengers do??

    Hope you & Noah are having a blast!!

  2. Brad says:

    All I know is that a lot of Americans are retiring there, and my pilots that took me to TF Bravo always wanted to RON there.

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