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  1. Those heels are great! I’ve noticed several with holes, though. Did you wrap both going up and down, or just once?

  2. Your socks are lovely! As far as TISA is concerned, I haven’t heard anything lately. I think I recall that it was with the person that is right before me. We should have Heidi check on it, I guess. It’s been almost a year, hasn’t it?

  3. I was wondering about that Noro sock yarn. I love the color changes of Noro, but hate knitting with it. Your socks look fantastic, and congrats on finishing so quickly.

    I hope the man comes to fix the boiler and you are able to get warm. It is hard to knit with cold fingers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The Opal socks have 64 sttiches on size 2.25 needles.
    Happy Knitting

  4. Interesting to see these socks in Noro. I have a skein in stash, but have been thinking about a scarf with it. Congratulations on your fast finish and gorgeous socks. BTW, my friend TayaElaine posted her socks tonight. I saw them and they are beautiful. She is in the NG and spent time in Kuwait and other hotspots. I’ll be rooting from the sidelines for both of you.

    Mags arrived and have been scoured. Many thanks.

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