You remember Phoenix, right?

It must be almost a month since I had it out, busy being distracted by other projects. It is now my reward knitting.

I looked at the cuff recommendations. Once I got over the error in the book (staring with 50 stitches for a 48 stitch cuff) I decided I didn’t like the recommended portion of the pattern anyway. I wanted something that I liked.

Taking a bit from the final of the four charts, and deciding that the cuffs were not going to match –

Phoenix head

Phoenix head

which is almost impossible to see from your direction. But when I look at it from mine, it is just fine. 

As you also might have guessed, Scheherazade is on the needles again. Now that it needs to be completed in the next two weeks I don’t have much excuse……

Audio Books

Dime Store Magic – Kelley Armstrong

And no, I did not clean house, pick up or do laundry. Maybe tomorrow……

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