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  1. When you have to worry about a brain tumor with hearing loss is if the
    audiologist sends a signal to your ear and you hear it–but then stop
    hearing it while it’s still going. Glad you got your scan, and Sonic
    Innovations makes the best hearing aids if you need one, the most
    (former audiology student)

  2. aughing at your take on the “noise” of MRI. Hubs, who does them for a living, has no trouble sleeping while being the ‘test subject’. Hope you picked up the knitting time at home…

  3. With regards to the current Tea Party, I think they don’t actually have a base, and many of those that voted for them are not very happy. Which is not to say that I am overwhelmed with confidence that bunches of stupid people will suddenly sprout brains. However, sands are shifty indeed. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  4. Wish we were there, we had a nice Seder, but the leader wanted to read every word in King James’ English…Thou’s and Thee were abundant. Miss our group Seders….everyone helping. What special time.

  5. Carmen,

    I ran across a short note about a renegade moderate republican state senator from Minnesota, who voted with Democrats to overcome a Tim Pawlenty budget veto. At his news conference, he wore a teeshirt with the text, never estimate how dangerous ignorant people can be when they are in large groups.

  6. My take.

    The people who were elected do not understand representative democracy or ‘how government works’. They are pretty adolescent in their view of governance. Teenagers who want what they want, don’t want to earn it, and in denial that there are problems for which they are now 100% responsible. (You know, problems like public health, education, transportation, poor people, foreign affairs, etc.) They were not elected on their own. Their money and a lot of their ‘creed’ did not come from the people who voted for them. Their money came from people and groups in the shadows.

    Those people, who are manipulating these elected dumb**ses, are a great evil and very dangerous. The people who were elected are very confused, very ignorant of economics, politics, international affairs, etc. They need really serious on-the-job training and mentoring, but the non-Tea Party Republicans are scared of them – or, rather, they are scared sh**less of the people and organizations whose money put them there.

    The Republican approval rating is rolling south. They have touched the 3rd rail without any protection. Soon something will happen that puts people on the streets,

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