Reading detour

I should have been organizing or cleaning. I could have been knitting.

I settled for getting a head start on the packing for Tues.

Some of it was easy. I have the clothes I brought back in the suitcase, most of which were clean and the rest were washed yesterday. The weather, except for the Panama Canal crossing at the end won’t be hot, more spring/fall with maybe some rain. Short and long sleeves instead of sleeveless and short sleeves. No need for true summer clothes. Couple of things for smart casual. Underwear, socks, swimsuit. When I was done I had about 2/3 of what I took to the Caribbean even with some yarn and an extra pair of long pants. Oh! the shoes were all in the duffle bag along with gear for Maus’ spring break adventure.

And then I pulled out the iPad and fell into reading. Since the first of the year I have been re-reading old series and seeing where authors I read several years ago have gone with their series.  Some of it has been standard schlocky romance (Freethy, Perry, Delinsky, Shalvis, Woods) but some has been more on the SciFi/Paranormal end (Kahler, Gilman, Owens, Mayer, Harrison, Green, Swendson).

Up next – Ben Aaronovich’s Broken Home which is part of his River’s of London series and a new JD Robb is due out on the 14th. Oh, yes – and in audio the most recent Eddie LaCross – He Drank, and Saw the Spider by Alex Bledsoe. Audio because the narrator is excellent and also because my per credit cost puts it below the kindle price….

About then it will be mystery time….

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