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  1. Well heck YEAH!!! Get your wife after she’s been in Afghanistan? Good
    for him, absolutely, and welcome home!!

  2. And you had a question? I don’t think so.

    So, are you officially out of the Army? Plans? I mean aside from reading, knitting and drinking tea?

  3. Thank God for seeing you home again safe and sound, ready to take on that new role . . . of retiree. And God bless that wonderful partner of yours for making the drive from home and back to home. Hey, you know he was really waiting for your call to pick you up. From my experience, leaving that uniformed world behind is kind of like having your hand in a bucket of water. No matter how much you swirl it around while it’s submerged, there won’t be much of a hole or a lot of rings left when you pull the hand out of the water. Just think of all the things you can do with the hand now that it’s not water-logged. And if you have to get some gloves to help with the transition, Germany makes lovely gloves. Log off, take a break, enjoy home and then – when you’re rested – stay in touch.

  4. So pleased to hear your flight home was so good. I know you’re thankful to be in your own bed, own everything again.

  5. Glad you are out – just wish everyone else was as well

    Hope you have a good rest now.
    George is obviously one in a million!

  6. Mazel tov!!! So glad you are safely home…hope you are safely retired, too. Good timing…home on Purim and the Sabbath.

  7. Welcome Home!!!!

    I had tears of joy in my eyes when I read your email just now over a mug of steaming coffee on a beautifull – cold – cloudfree sunny morning!!!
    Fantastic news!!!

    Super that you weren’t hanging about for days and days trying to get home. Really wonderful that everything fell together so quickly and smoothly….and, you didn’t forget your laundry!! πŸ™‚

    So, are you completely free or do you still have “stuff” to do? I hope you can just put your feet up and enjoy yourself for a change!!

    Fantastic news!!

  8. A few min ago i read your letter of the flight home, and I thanked God for keeping his promise to get my sister home to her family . I am so relieved you have no idea. here sits your sister a million miles away, with tears streaming cuz you made it home.
    I am so glad.
    dont forget me and beau are here and love you.Enjoy you earned it .

  9. I’m just catching up on your posts, Holly, and my heart is light to read of your return to Germany

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