RAMC Dinner

Never mind that this is an official military function, the dress for the annual Royal Army Medical Corps Dinner is Black Tie.

It is not warm out today. Nowhere near warm enough to wear the only floor length dress I have. Even if I wear a light weight fancy top, I would still be at risk of freezing.

Instead, I hauled out a cream colored tux I bought on sale several winters ago. It is lovely; fancy jacket with shiny lapels and matching pants. Add a burgundy silk top and I was all set. I almost, but not quite thought about wearing Phoenix, but it just didn’t seem dressy enough even though it makes quite a statement.

Did I mention the run to Croughton today which almost made me late? Or that I discovered the custom is to wear military medals on the suit jackets which meant that I had to make a fast run home to pull medals off my dress mess.

(Remind me, is there a point to not wearing a uniform and then hanging things around one’s neck and pinning military ribbons to one’s dress jacket?)

It was almost midnight before I was able to get home and crash for a few hours before getting on the road in the morning for Menwith Hill.

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